Grace Hills Baptist Church - 4320 Pumping Station Rd, Appomattox, VA 24522 * 434-352-8847
Page last updated: 4/29/19

 Grace Hills Baptist Church Calendar
Here is a link to our current Calendar:
Previous Calendars:
Every Sunday:
Sunday School for all ages starts at 10am
Sunday Worship Service begins at 11am 
Prayer & Bible Study:  Every Wednesday, pm
Bulletin information is due in the GHBC Office by 5pm each Wednesday
in order to include the info. in the following Sunday’s bulletin.
  Please submit in written form.

GHBC Calendar information should be submitted
to the GHBC Office in written form 24 hours before the Church Council meeting
of the month prior to the event.

GHBC Newsletter information should be submitted to the GHBC office in written form as soon as it is known.  The deadline varies month to month, so check for the due date on the calendar for the month prior to when you want your info. to be included.  It is usually due by 5pm on the first Wednesday following the twentieth day of the month, unless it is near a holiday or close to the end of the month--then it will be due by 5pm on the Wednesday prior to the twentieth.